ICT Consulting

Connecting Business and Technology

Helping you extract maximum value from your technology investments through data insights, cyber-security and IP protection

Engage Consulting Group provides technology optimisation services to assist our clients in maximising the value from existing and new information technology (IT) investments. In order to achieve maximum value from IT investments, the business risks in selecting and implementing new technologies needs to be minimised. The key to achieving maximum returns is to first understand the current levels of adoption and usage of existing software. We have access to a diverse range of technology professionals from solution architects through to business/system analysts capable of conducting reviews that will reveal important information on software adoption and usage. When it comes to implementing new technologies, we ensure high adoption rates and investment returns by applying a strategic approach to system design, developing solid business cases and rolling out change management program ahead of new system rollout. In addition, we can help unlock the potential of data and extracting insights by engaging with experienced data scientists who have diverse background and skills.

When it comes to sensitive data and your valuable intellectual property and knowledge, there are no short cuts to protecting these assets. You’ve spent years building your portfolio of intellectual property assets and collecting sensitive customer data. You’ve worked diligently in hiring the best people. The last thing you need is for competitors to steal your IP and ex-employees taking valuable knowledge with when they leave. Engage consulting group can help you to develop a cyber-security plan and review your current plans. Protecting your intellectual property (IP) requires more thought and planning than simply applying for a patent or relying on Copyright laws. We have developed a methodology that allows us to develop an IP protection plan that will be tailored to suit your current situation and type of innovation saving you time and money before approaching expensive Patent & Trademark attorneys.