Strategic Advisory

Engage Consulting Group provides Strategic Advisory services to accelerate leadership performance. We provide Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders to give them sacred space to think, reflect, create their own solutions for improvement and support the implementation of renewed Leadership Behaviour. Strategic Advisory provides a confidential relationship to help Leaders manage up, down and around and to have a focussed sounding board to accelerate their thinking and decision making. We have both long term (up to 10 years) and short term (up to 6 months) relationships with senior leaders. We have experienced Mentors and Accredited Coaches that have strong backgrounds in business, people, finance, sales & marketing and technology. We engage with Leaders using the proven PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) model to ensure sustainable leadership, development.

For further details and information, download our Strategic Advisory capability statement:

Strategic Advisory Capability Statement

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Business requirements
  • Understand needs
  • Diagnose & assess
  • Understand strategic direction
  • Measure baseline
  • Develop options
  • Agree best option
  • Project team & plan
  • Communication &
    integration plan
  • Communication & engagement of stakeholders
  • Trial/pilot
  • Provide learning & development with blended solutions
  • Post project review
  • Measure learning through focus groups, surveys and communities of practice
  • Integrate into business as usual