Organisational Development

Engage Consulting Group provides a range of Learning & Development services including the design, delivery/facilitation and assessment of corporate and VET (Vocational education and training) programs covering management, leadership, finance, technology, product development, change management, innovation, sales/business development and marketing. We design and deliver blended learning solutions including – web based, mobile applications and face to face. We pride ourselves on developing customised competency based training that leads to increased individual and organisational performance. We are experienced Change Managers with proven track records. We engage with organisations using the proven PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) model to ensure sustainable organisational development.

For further details and information, download our Organisational Development capability statement:

Organisational Development Capability Statement
Business requirements
  • Understand needs
  • Diagnose & assess
  • Understand strategic direction
  • Measure baseline
  • Develop options
  • Agree best option
  • Project team & plan
  • Communication &
    integration plan
  • Communication & engagement of stakeholders
  • Trial/pilot
  • Provide learning & development with blended solutions
  • Post project review
  • Measure learning through focus groups, surveys and communities of practice
  • Integrate into business as usual