Organisational Development

Connecting Business and Innovation

Helping you innovative successfully through business model transformation, lean practices and agile methodologies

Engage Consulting Group provides inspiration and innovation to Australian leaders and entrepreneurs. We do this by providing a range of innovation services from start-up funding to business model transformation. We assist companies in re-inventing their business through business model innovation, establishing R&D centres of excellence, developing customer value propositions and re-invigorating business development teams. In today’s fast moving, highly competitive environment, leading companies rely on and develop hi-tech digital products and services. So it’s important that your business employs the latest tools including lean and agile development, business model canvas and the lean canvas for start-ups. When your business experiences high growth rates, it is crucial to automate business processes using the best available technology. Automation allows easier scaling, less staff and most importantly less errors which results in higher quality products and services.

Engage Consulting Group has experience and expertise in applying a variety of methodologies including the business model canvas, lean canvas, agile development and lean practices in both start-ups and mature organisations. When it comes to scaling up your business to commercialise innovations, engage consulting group can help you find the right sources of funding and develop your future exit plan. We can also assist you in executing your exit plan through our partnerships with experienced boutique corporate advisers with expertise in trade sales and IPOs. When it comes to selling your business, we always work for the most important people – the founders ensuring the maximum value is obtained during the transactions.