What our clients say  

Case Studies

Customer Value Proposition and Sales Training
Our client, a leading global technology company, identified the need to move from an engineering based business to a client focused, sales and marketing business. We supported this transition by helping them identify their sales people, developing their selling and marketing competencies and designing their customer and market value propositions. The three year implementation involved training and developing over 250 sales management and sales staff around Australian & New Zealand. The year after the completion of the initiative, the company had achieved record sales and profits in the region.

Business Information Systems Review
Our client, a State Government organisation, identified the need to digitally transform their business processes. The project involved conducting research into what the organisation needed to do and avoid in to ensure successful design and implementation of new information systems that would improve operations. The outcome of the project led to organisational change in the way information systems are planned and implemented with a range of key initiatives and a technology roadmap that would take the organisation into the future.

Provision of ICT Professional Services
Our client, a global telecommunications carrier, required assistance in the resourcing and delivery of key projects within their network solutions teams. We were engaged to provide highly qualified and experienced staff to deliver the projects including solution architects, engineers, project managers and business analysts. We successfully delivered many of the projects that we were responsible for while delivering value-added services to both the project teams and the client including coaching/mentoring, professional development opportunities and project reviews.

Global Leadership & Talent Development system
Our client, a top ASX50 global company, had developed an internal leadership capabilities and values assessment and were looking for an efficient and effective manner to use these capabilities to drive Talent Development. engage consulting group worked collaboratively to set-up web-based administration sites in Australia, USA, Germany and Switzerland where local HR employees could administer 360 degree leadership assessments. Both English and German versions are provided and the assessments are based on the company's leadership capabilities and values. engage consulting securely store the data and produce reports for each individual as well as divisional and global level reports. The Leadership and Talent Development system is driving global development programs and local leader development and is linked to the succession planning program.

Assessing employee Wellbeing and Commitment to Joint Ventures
When organisations enter a joint venture, there are many unique areas where Managers need to have a better understanding of what drives continuous improvement. In this case, our client needed a customised survey to pick-up on their unique cultural dilemmas. engage consulting worked closely with the client to develop a survey that would identify all the critical and sensitive issues that managers needed to understand and that allowed employees to voice their views. The survey was administered on behalf of our client and internet links were sent to staff to allow them to complete the 10 minute survey conveniently and efficiently around the country. Client customised reports were generated and included Benchmarked data that assisted in the decision making process to ensure cultural alignment.


"The success that you have brought to Silcar follows your ability to engage people at their present level of reality and take them on a journey that brings out the best in them. Your continued high toned presence as people work through the difficult periods of confronting barriers or letting go of old paradigms is a great quality." - Silcar
"Sam is an important part of the Telecommunications Services Team. He provides us with valuable advisory services and technical expertise in the areas of information and telecommunications technology. Sam has come to understand our business and operations very well over the last two years and has been instrumental in key infrastructure and service projects." - Victorian Government Department
"Sarina has been instrumental in establishing and rolling out our performance management system including balanced scorecards, corporately aligned strategic planning tools, executive coaching program, and facilitation of leadership and business development programs in our Business Units." - Siemens

"The process employed in the Value Proposition work and the Virtual Teams is some of the best work I have ever seen in this area, and it is certainly capable of providing leadership across the group." - Pacific Micromarketing (Part of PMP)

"Sarina has provided executive leadership coaching and mentoring services that has led to clarification of roles and responsibilities, achievement of personal objectives and career/vocation exploration and progression. Sarina has provided the right  balance between support, challenge, advice, articles and engaging face to face sessions. I always feel as though she is within reach. Overall her ability to really tune into to where I am at, to paraphrase, frame appropriate questions and openly share her knowledge, thoughts and feelings is an inspiration." - CSL